What we Take for Granted

I have COVID, so too does my wife and oldest daughter. It has not been fun to say the least. Getting sick is a reminder that I am not Superman. I love to go 90MPH with things, always busy doing something. Now I am going 5MPH, at best. I love to run, but I can’t. I love to be at church, but I can’t. I love to…, but I can’t. We take so much for granted, especially our health. If you are well today, take a moment and thank God for it. Use this day for His kingdom. If you are sick, look to the Great Physician. He is there to care and comfort you.

A Poem on Anxiety

Anxious thoughts and an anxious heart,

Make me feel all torn apart.

My mind is racing, it will not stop,

Help me Lord, or I will drop!

I Hate to Ask for Help

I hate to ask for help. I don’t know why, but it’s true. The other day my wife had a flat tire, so she pulled off and parked at an old abandoned grocery store. My plan was to air the tire up and drive to a tire shop, but it wasn’t going so well. My next plan of action was to put on the spare tire. My friend and neighbor saw me working on it. He offered to help and I said, “No thanks. I am ok.” I didn’t want to be a bother. Besides, I wanted to do it all by myself. He helped anyway, and I am glad he did. He brought an air compressor and some Fix a flat. So far, the tire is still good. Ecclesiastes 4 reminds us, “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up.” God wants us to help one another. We need to help one another. That means we need help from time to time. You have no problem helping others. Make sure you let people help you!

Got your Satan shoes?

Lil Nas X, a singer, designed and sold 666 Satan shoes. The shoes are red, sport a pentagram, and supposedly contain human blood in the soles. Not only that, there is a reference to Luke 10:18, which is, “And he said to them, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.” The $1,000 a pair shoes sold out immediately. People are outraged, rightly so. But, while we are outraged with the shoes, let’s not lose sight of how we allow Satan to influence us all the time. Satan doesn’t care so much about what is on your feet as what is in your mind and heart. His main objective is to get us to doubt God and His word and turn to sin, not the Savior. Do you ever watch a show that makes you doubt the truth of God’s word? Do you listen to music that glorifies murder or adultery? Do you let unresolved anger fester? You are allowing the enemy to influence you. Yes, don’t be silly and wear Satan shoes. But, don’t be naïve and expose yourself to things that affect you far more than a pair of Nike’s.

Trump, Biden, and Psalm 23

Psalm 23:1, “The __________is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.” What is the word for the blank? It is “Lord” of course. Be careful. If you replace the Lord with Trump, if he is your shepherd, you will be disappointed. Perhaps you are disappointed with Trump and how things are ending. Perhaps you are disappointed with how people are treating Trump. If you say “Biden” is my shepherd, you will be sorely disappointed there, too. Or, perhaps you despise Biden. No worries, he is not your shepherd. Neither he nor Trump can satisfy your soul. Also, be careful not to replace the Lord with: Netflix, America, Social Media, Sports, or your I-phone. Make sure you truly mean “The Lord is my shepherd.” When the Lord is our shepherd, and only when the Lord is our shepherd, we shall not be in want. It is He alone that leads us beside still waters and restores our soul. It is only the Lord who leads us through the valley of the shadow of death. Who is your shepherd?

How to Ruin a Bible

I thought I ruined my bible. There is nothing like a new Bible. It smells good, feels good, and looks good. The pages are perfectly flat and clean. This morning, while reading my Bible, my new Bible, I spilled coffee on it. It is no longer perfect. I thought I ruined it, but Bibles are not meant to be perfect. They are not museum pieces, nor are they meant for the china cabinet. They are tools that grow us closer to God. Tools get dirty, used, and abused. You know how to ruin a Bible? Never use it. Keep it perfect. Make sure the pages are always flat and clean. The best Bibles are broken in, stained, torn and tattered. Don’t be afraid to dirty your Bible. Write in it. Make notes. Spill a little coffee on it. It’s ok.

Building a Fence

I am building a fence right now. The fence is not just for privacy, it is for safety, too. The fence is meant to keep my kids and dog safely within the yard. It will also deter the wrong type of person from getting in my yard. Building a fence takes a lot of time, energy, and resources, but it is worth it. Why? My children are worth it. I wonder, are we setting up a fence around our children in other ways? Are we protecting them from the wrong kinds of videos, shows, music, etc.? They are much more likely to be harmed like this than playing in the backyard. Intruders, and the enemy, are after our families every waking moment. What are we doing to protect them? At the least, we must pray. We also must use wisdom and discernment in what are children are exposed to. Shouldn’t we set up a fence around our hearts, too? It takes a lot of time, energy, and resources. But, it’s worth it.

Matthew McConaughey and the Burning Bush

Alright! Alright! Alright! I listened to a podcast recently featuring Matthew McConaughey. He is one of the few actors that doesn’t shy away from mentioning God. In the podcast he even expressed the value of the Bible, especially the Proverbs and teachings of Jesus. One statement really got my attention – he didn’t know what to do with the burning bush. When asked to clarify he said he isn’t sure what to do with the “magic” of the Bible, as he referred to it, such as the burning bush, miracles, etc. I don’t think he was questioning it, he just doesn’t see how it is relevant for every day life. Mr. McConaughey, it is that “magic”, the supernatural that gives life to the Proverbs and teachings of Jesus. It is the supernatural that makes the Bible more than just a book of advice. It is the supernatural that created Heaven and earth and gave Jesus victory over the grave. It is the supernatural that gives us new life, eternal life. Yes, we can appreciate the practical advice from the Bible, but lets not separate it from the supernatural. Alright? Alright! Alright?

Labor Day and Jesus

Happy Labor Day! I find it odd that most of us don’t work on Labor Day. Why not call it Non-Labor Day? The holiday actually began as a way to recognize the American labor movement and celebrate laborers. The greatest labor day of all happened 2,000 years ago. Jesus labored on the cross and declared “It is finished.” He labored for us, dying for our sins, so we don’t have to work to earn salvation. We could never work hard enough to earn it anyway. So, just as you are enjoying this Labor Day, resting from your work, each day in Jesus we can rest in His work.

Time to Be Woke


I want to be woke. This is not a statement on social justice or politics. I am talking about spiritual wokeness. Apart from Christ we are not just sick in our sins, we are dead. Ephesians 2:1, “And you were dead in your trespasses and sins.” Those without Jesus are dead, not woke. When we follow Jesus, we are fully alive, yet we don’t always live as we need to. We need to wake up. Romans 13:11,And do this, understanding the present time: The hour has already come for you to wake up from your slumber, because our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed.” Do you know Jesus? If so, are you awake from your slumber? If you are truly woke, you will view all of life, whether social justice, politics, or COVID-19, in a way that God sees it. You will know that Jesus is the answer. Get woke! 

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