My Worries are Useless

loris car.pngIMG_20190504_202839.png

My sweet wife and her mom recently had a wreck in New Orleans. (Her car is on the left. The other car is on the right). They were in New Orleans visiting my wife’s father at the hospital. Lori was hit on the way to the hotel, and her car was totaled. I was glad she was OK but worried because we would have to file yet another claim on our insurance, though it was not her fault. This whole incident is a reminder of how silly it is to worry. For instance:

Our insurance premium just increased to a crazy amount. I actually called our company to ask about it the very day before her wreck. So, we needed that “expensive insurance” after all. It has definitely paid for itself.

My wife’s car was hit last summer in the front left bumper by a minor “hit and run.” So, I did my best to repair/paint the area myself. I spent hours trying to make it presentable. Well, in her wreck the other day, guess where the person hit her – the front left bumper – the very spot I so worried about – what a waste of energy!

I now have to buy my wife another vehicle. Though we will get money from our insurance, we’ll still have to spend several thousand dollars to cover the difference. Guess what? I don’t care anymore. Really, no worries! My wife is safe. Her mom is safe. Her dad is at death’s door. It helps keeps things in perspective.

What are you worried about? Does it really matter? Is it making your life any better?