From A-Z

Here is a great way to focus on and praise God. Go through the entire alphabet and assign an attribute of God to each letter. For example:  A = Almighy, B = Beautiful, C = Compassionate. Some letters will be difficult, such as Z, but it really helps you think about who God is. You can also turn it into a time of prayer and thanksgiving.


The “Greener” Grass

The grass is not always greener on the other side. Rich Rodriquez was flourishing as the football coach at West Virginia. Last year a bigger, better school came calling, Michigan. He smelled the money and ran for it! Well, he has learned that the grass is not always greener. Last year his team only won 3 games, a colossal failure for Michigan. Now there are allegations about how he handles practices. He is under a lot of heat. If he does not have a great season, he may be out of a job. If he would have stayed in West Virginia, he would still be high on the hog. I wonder if he regrets his decision to go to Michigan. Only time will tell. Remember – the greenest grass grows on septic tanks. Think about it.