Wrecks, Repairs, and Rotten Wood

Wrecks, Repairs, and Rotten Wood – it sounds like a grunge rock band! It is how I would describe my life of late. A few weeks ago my wife and two daughters were in a wreck. Praise God they are OK. A few days later something happened to my truck, the starter went out. Thankfully someone in the church kindly repaired it. Then I realized the wood that supports my dining room floor is rotten. I have since reduced this from a level 10, thinking my whole house is falling apart, to a level 5 situation that I should be able to repair with a little help! All three situations caused me to panic and take my eyes off God. I have found hope in each situation. You may be facing something far more dramatic than wrecks, repairs, and rotten wood, but there is hope. God is still God. Keep your eyes upon Him!