Taco Bell and Turbulence – or a reminder that Pride comes before a Fall


I don’t do silly things often. Lately, I have made some exceptions to the rule. I took my daughter to the Taco Bell drive through for a quesadilla. Have you ever noticed the first menu, the one you get to before the real menu? It allows you to take a glance while you wait for the person in front of you to order. Well, I started speaking to the wrong menu. The car in front of me was ordering, and I was at the glace menu, asking questions and trying to order. No one was listening. No one was there. My daughter and I got a good laugh. Then,  I arrive at the airport yesterday to check in for my trip. I go to the self check-in kiosk. The kind lady, who works for Delta, was trying to help me. I was nice to her, but in my mind thinking, “Lady, I am a seasoned traveler. I know what I am doing. Please leave me alone.” It turns out, after her persistence, I realize I am at the wrong kiosk. I was at the Delta check-in, but flying American. Well, nobody’s perfect. It is a reminder that pride comes before a fall. We all make mistakes and need a daily dose of humility, especially me!


Thankful in Hard Times

thankful hard timesMy life has been crazy of late. Yet, I am still thankful. In the last month, the following has happened.

  • My wife broker her shoulder
  • My daughter broke her pinkie
  • A tire on my car was gashed, so I had to replace the tire
  • A tire on my other car was flat, so I had to repair the tire
  • My clothes dryer caught on fire
  • My wife was in a fender bender accident
  • I got a speeding ticket
  • I dropped my phone and cracked it
  • I am about to run a marathon, but have serious foot/ankle pain

Yet, I am thankful because

  • My wife’s shoulder is healing
  • My daughter’s pinkie is healing
  • My family was not traveling while the tires went out, and I was able to replace/repair then
  • My dryer, not my house caught on fire, and someone blessed me with a new dryer
  • I got a speeding ticket, but got home safely
  • My wife was in an accident, but she and the girls were OK
  • My phone is cracked, but still works
  • My foot/ankle is hurting, but I am still in good health

You have your own list I am sure! Things may be awful, but there is always reason to give thanks. God is good!