My One Box

If you had to move, and you could only pack one box, what would be in it? I thought about that recently. I just moved from Quitman, LA to New Roads, LA. I am now the new pastor at First Baptist Church in New Roads. I am excited to be here, but I am not a fan of moving. I have lots of stuff. There are boxes of clothes, boxes of books, and to be honest, boxes of junk. I realized I am blessed. I also realized I could do without most of what I have. Then a thought came to mind, “What if I had to move all my stuff using one box. What if I had to narrow down all my stuff to one little box, what would I put in it?” I thought of 4 things:

1. My Bible – my relationship to God is of great importance

2. Pictures of My Family – my relationship with my family is important as well

3. Running Related items – my shoes, watch, and I-pod, because I love to run

4. Coffee Related items – a coffee pot, a cup, and coffee, because I love my coffee

I would probably put a few other things in the box. But, the four stand out to me. If you had to narrow your stuff down to four things, what would it be? By the way, when we die, we will be put in – a box. Just a thought!