I visited Amsterdam’s Red Light District


I had a brief layover in Amsterdam after Belarus. I stumbled upon the Red Light District, famous for its drugs and sexual “window shopping.” It was around 10 am, and I was in the area to visit a church – no kidding. The oldest building in Amsterdam is a church built in the 1300’s. It just so happens to be located in the Red Light District, which I soon learned. I walked down a side street and was startled by three windows, filled with prostitutes advertising their services. They were clothed, but in a highly suggestive way, like Victoria’s Secret mannequins posted in the storefront window. One tapped her nails against the window, trying to get my attention, imploring me to buy her services.

How did I feel at that moment? Honestly, I was sick to my stomach. I thought of my three daughters, hoping and praying they never take this path. How did these women get in that window, showcasing their bodies for purchase? What do their fathers think about this? I pray these ladies find Jesus and exit their window to a life of true joy and peace. I pray we are all on guard. We don’t have to be in Amsterdam to see immorality. The world is one big display window, whether through Netflix or Google, tapping on the window, luring us away from Christ.