Brett Favre and the Great Commission

I admit it – I like Brett Favre. He has not handled his “retirement” very well, but he has much to be admired. I like the fact that he is passionate about something and shows it. I like the fact that he never gives up or gives in. I like the fact that he is 40 and is still in the game. I am nearing 40 (5 more years), so it is encouraging to see him still playing. You and I could learn something from Brett Favre. When it comes to the Great Commission, there is no retirement. Regardless of our age or condition, we are to be going, teaching, and making disciples. We are to be just as excited and passionate about serving God as Favre is about playing ball. Don’t hang up your cleats or your calling just yet. Retirement comes when you get to Heaven. Serve God and savor every moment!


When Retiring at 23 is a Good Thing

Glen Coffee just retired at only 23 years of age! That seems awfully young to end your career. He had a dream job – playing football in the NFL. After one season he called it quits. Why? It was not because he got in trouble. It was not because he lacked talent. It was to obey God’s call upon his life. While at Alabama he met Jesus and has a passion to serve him. He believes the ministry might be in his future. He is going back to finish school and then will see what God has in store. You have to admire someone turning their back on a $2.5 million contract to obey the call of Christ! What are you willing to turn your back on? What are you willing to abandon to pursue God’s call upon your life?

I danced with my daughter

I danced with my daughter this morning. She is almost 4 and loves being a princess. Here is the good news – I am her prince! We spend a lot of time dancing and pretending. I relish these moments. It is easy for me at times to think, “Okay, I danced with you. I need to get on to the work of the day.” Then I am reminded that life is short. One day the last thing she will want to do is dance with her dad.  Relish the moments. Life is short. It is tempting to be more concerned about your project at work or the television show you must get back to. Embrace the little blessings around you whether it is dancing with your daughter, holding your spouse’s hand, or spending quality time with a friend.

Air Conditioning, Houdini, and the Spirit of God

I just bought a window AC unit for my storage building. Why? So my dog Houdini could have some cool air! He is spoiled rotten. I opened the box and started to install the AC. It did not work. I tried to fix it myself. It still did not work. I was very frustrated. I drove back to Wal-Mart to exchange it. The new one worked right out of the box. The Lord taught me a valuable lesson from that experience. I wanted the AC to work more than I wanted His Spirit upon my life. Why do I say that? I was desperate for the AC to work. Am I really that desperate for the Sprit? I was frustrated and bothered that I had to go back to Wal-Mart. Am I that frustrated and bothered when the Spirit does not have His way in my life? Am I that upset when He is not free to move in worship? Think about your own life. When it gets hot you yearn for cold air and glass of ice water. When was the last time you yearned for the Spirit? Do you really want Him to fill you and totally control your life?