From Her Perspective

Carol is a black woman, probably in her late 40’s or early 50’s. I met her recently at a bus stop in Memphis. I was there on a mission trip. She was sitting on a bench with a small, white trash bag. I soon realized this small bag contained everything she owned. I spoke with her and she told me that she had just gotten out of prison. I am not sure if it was that very day, but it certainly seemed like it. She was on the way to surprise her family. They were unaware of her new found freedom. I told her that I firmly believed in Jesus. He could help her. Carol smiled and confessed she too followed Jesus. She opened up her bag and pulled out one of her prized possessions, one of her only possessions, a Bible. I prayed with her and for her. We happened to climb onto the same bus. I could see her during the trip. She had her Bible open, reading with great hunger and joy. Carol and I are from two very different worlds. I have not struggled much, at least not to pay bills or stay out of prison. She is a black woman, struggling to survive the harsh realities of life. Yet, before God we are no different. We are united not by race, gender, or background. We are one in Christ. It was a thrill, even for a few moments, to see life from her eyes.