A Wreck of a Marriage

God works in mysterious ways. A couple in my church just celebrated their anniversary. They have been married for over 12 years now. The way they met can only be described as a God thing. One day while driving, the future-bride  saw a dog in the road. Her response was to swerve and miss the dog. As a result, she drove down a ditch and into some pine trees. Along came a policeman to work the scene of the accident. They met and the rest is history. The policeman and the dog-swerving driver now live happily ever after! If the dog would have never been in the road, she would not have swerved. If she did not swerve, she would not have landed in the ditch. If she did not land in the ditch, she would not have needed assistance, and her hubby to be would not have showed up. Romans 8:28 reminds us that God works all things out for our good, even car wrecks! Whatever is happening in your life right now, hold on to hope. God is using it for your good and His glory. You may not see that right now. But, one day you will. This couple is blessed to have such a wonderful marriage. Where would they be without that wreck and the grace of God? By the way – the dog she swerved to miss could not be found. God does indeed work in mysterious ways.