Trimming Your Sin

I trimmed the bushes today. The bushes cover both the sides and the back of my house – it was quite a chore.  While trimming them I was reminded of a spiritual principle – killing sin. Someone once said, “Be killing sin or it will be killing you.” What does this have to do with trimming bushes? Consider this: (1) Trimming bushes is hard work, (2) It takes a long time, and (3) It is a never ending process. As soon as you are finished trimming them, the bushes are starting their growth process all over again! (1) Mortifying or killing your sin is hard work, (2) It takes a long time, (3) It is a never ending process. Lets say you struggle with stretching the truth. You fight and repent and find yourself being more straightforward and honest. After a while you stop fighting and assume you are over this sin. You have put down the trimmers for good. Before you know it, you are stretching the truth again. Stay on top of your sin. It is a never ending process. As soon as you think you have it whooped – it raises its ugly head. Be killing sin or it will be killing you.


The Lawnmower Resurrection

My lawnmower is dead. I probably killed it. Here is the irony – the warranty ran out less than a week before its demise. I mentioned this in my Easter Sermon yesterday. Why? Because the resurrection of Christ gives us hope in the good times and bad. Because Jesus is alive we can endure a broken lawnmower, losing a job, or the death of a loved one. Today I heard some good news about my lawnmower – it will be alive soon. Briggs and Stratton is adjusting my warranty. The parts are covered, and all I have to pay for is labor. Before long I will be able to cut the grass again. This minor roadblock in my journey is a reminder that whatever happens, there is always hope in Christ!