Jesus, Tiger Woods, and Coach K

It sounds like the start of a bad joke – Jesus, Tiger Woods, and Coach K. Coach K is the basketball coach at Duke. Last night he won yet another championship. He also coached the USA Olympic Men to win the Gold – pretty impressive. Tiger Woods is back into golf, trying to win the Masters this weekend, a highly revered golf tournament. He has won several before – pretty impressive. Jesus Christ is the Son of God. We just celebrated His victory over the grave – pretty impressive. Each of these have one thing in common – VICTORY. Yet, in view of Jesus Christ’s resurrection, Coach K’s victories seem tiny. Tiger’s wins seem shallow as well. Why do we celebrate these men as much and not more than Jesus Christ? They provide entertainment. Jesus provides life. They are kings of their sports, Jesus is the King of Kings. Their victories are temporary, Jesus’ carries into eternity. When you think of Jesus, Tiger Woods, and Coach K there is no comparison, Jesus is head and shoulders above them. We can only hope and pray that Tiger and Coach K will bow the knee to Jesus. Let’s enjoy sports, but lets keep the right perspective. They are nothing in light of who Christ is.