Be Kind, Rewind.

be-kind-rewind-featuredBe Kind, Rewind! The phrase was often seen on VCR tapes. The local Blockbuster or Movie Gallery encouraged you to be kind and please rewind. How frustrating to rent a movie that needed rewinding before you enjoyed! Times sure have changed. Blockbuster is a thing of the past. So too are VCR tapes. Even DVD’s are starting to phase out. Movies are now accessed digitally.

I want to encourage you to be kind, please rewind. I don’t mean a VCR tape of course. At the first of a new year we typically look ahead, planning the year and making resolutions. It is a great time to do that, to start fresh and seize the day. I also take time to look back at the previous year, to rewind the year if you will and reflect. I like to reflect upon and record:

  • The girls’ birthdays and how old they turned
  • Mine and Lori’s anniversary
  • Any major event in the life of my family
  • What marathon(s) I ran for the year
  • What God did in the life of our church
  • What God did in my life

We tend to live such busy lives. It is good to stop and reflect on the past. Be kind, please rewind 2017 and consider the goodness of the Lord!