Joy in an Ambulance

My daughter rode in an ambulance last week. It was not for fun. She accidentally took some medicine that was not for her. We were told she needed to go to the Emergency Room ASAP. She didn’t have any major side effects, but they wanted to be cautious, since she is only two. Our local hospital doesn’t have a pediatric specialist, so they transferred her to a hospital in Baton Rouge, via ambulance. Seeing your two years old placed in an ambulance is not pleasant by any means. She was released from the hospital later that evening.

Before her release, as I lay with her on her hospital bed, I was filled with joy. I had joy because she was okay and we were going home. I had joy because we are blessed with gifted doctors and nurses. I had joy because the episode reminded me how much I love my little one.  It could have turned out to be worse. It didn’t. Praise God! No matter what situation you are in, whether serious or not, you can praise God. James reminds us, “Count it all joy my brethren when you fall into various trials.” You can count it all joy, even when your little one takes an ambulance ride.