I can’t believe my kid did that!


I can’t believe my kid did that. Emma was playing in my wife’s car recently and put a dime into the CD/DVD player. This is my wife’s “new” car. She has this “new”car because her car was totaled while visiting her dying dad in the hospital. The wreck wasn’t her fault, yet we had to file a claim on our insurance. Needless to say, this “new” car is attached to lots of emotions, not all good. So, when Emma did this I was furious and  snapped at her. She didn’t realize how serious this was. Maybe she thought it was a juke box! After settling down, I apologized to Emma and then spent two hours taking the radio out and dismantling the CD/DVD player. I was paid a dime for my labor! It fell out and thankfully the CD/DVD player is working again.

I’m sure your kid has done something similar. You know what, it’s not only kids that disappoint. Have you ever said this about someone, “I cannot believe so and so did this.” Maybe, like Emma, the person doesn’t really mean anything by it. Maybe they are upset because someone else has upset them, or worse, stuck a dime in their CD/DVD player. When someone frustrates you, show a little grace and patience. Besides, my sweet Emma is far more important than a car or CD/DVD player. The person you are upset with is far more important than whatever has you rattled.