The August Challenge

I gave my church an August challenge – share the Gospel with at least one person. Well, a few of them responded and shared the Gospel! I had the blessing of sharing with several people. I spoke with one guy in the Wal-Mart parking lot for quite a while. He had several objections to following Christ. He was turned off by hypocrites in the church and bad experiences in the past. Anyway, after a while he let his guard down and seemed really into the discussion. I believe he left a little less resistant to Christ. Sharing the Gospel is one of the most exciting (and fearful) experiences one can have in life. While I gave my people an August challenge, really Jesus has given us a lifetime challenge. You and I are to carry out the Great Commission. Are you doing your part?


Worthy of Honor

Scripture tells us to honor those who are worthy of honor.  When Michael Jackson passed away people went crazy. Is he worthy of such honor? Now Ted Kennedy has passed awway. Turn on the news and his life is front and center. Yes, we are to grieve the loss for his family. But, why do we honor such a man? I am sure he did much to help those in need. But, he promoted things that were not worthy of honor. He was staunchly pro-abortion, for instance. The point of this posting is not politics. It is this – what values are we to esteem? Who should we emulate and celebrate? It is those whose lives reflect the Word of God. It is those who draw people to Christ. It is those who die leaving a mark, not for a political party, not for the music industry, but for the kingdom of God. The Lord said in 1Samuel 2:30, “For those who honor Me I will honor.” Just a thought.

Take the TV Challenge

I went a full day without watching television last Friday. It can be done. It wasnt that I was busy and away from home. I was home all day and never cut it on. What do I do? Well, the main thing I did was work. But, I also had time to mow the yard, walk the dog, do school work, read, etc. You will be amazed how much time television devours. Pick a day this week to fast from television. Make the most of it. Read a book. Have a family game night. Go for a walk. You can live without television, even if only for one day. Think about it.

Keeping people from Jesus

In Luke 18 people were trying to keep others from encountering Jesus. Parents were bringing their babies to Jesus so He could touch them. How did the disciples respond? They rebuked them. The disciples didn’t understand that the Kingdom was for children as well. Shortly thereafter a blind man was crying out to Jesus, “Son of David have mercy on me.” The people told him to keep quiet, but he ignored them and received sight! You and I may not rebuke parents or tell the blind to keep quiet, but we can keep people from encountering Christ. How so? We do this by what we do, living lives that contradict the gospel. We also do this by what we do not do, telling others about Christ. Ask yourself: “Am I drawing people to Jesus or keeping people from knowing Him?”