My Dad

My dad died six months ago today (July 20, 2008). In two days he would have celebrated his 68th birthday (Janurary 22, 2009). Dealing with his death has been an intersesting journey. At times, it seems he only died yesterday.  In other moments, his life and death seem like a distant memory – a dream perhaps. Some days it is easy to rejoice in his life and memory. Other days are filled with sadness and a yearning for his presence. I do not think it will get any easier. I wonder, will it get any harder? I suspect it will. People say that time heals everything. I am not so sure now. As life goes on, and I advance in years, dad’s life and memory will seem farther and farther away. Yet, in a another sense, he will be getting closer and closer. The more time goes on, the closer I get to my own death and of course – Heaven. There I will be with dad, and more than that – with Christ Himself! Dad, we miss you and love you.


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