Lessons on Prayer – Love

This is part two in our lessons on prayer. If you recall, the first lesson involvled the fruits of the Spirit. 1 Corinthians 13 is known as the love chapter. It gives a rich and meaningful picture of true love. Why not use this as a springboard for prayer regarding relationships with your – spouse, children, coworkers, church members, etc. For example, pray:

1. Lord, help me be patient with my spouse

2. May I be kind and not jealous

3. Help me not to be arrogant or boast towards my cowokers

4. God, keep me from insinting on my own way

5. Protect me from being irritable and resentful

6. May I not rejoice in wrong doings, but with truth  

7. Help me to bear all things that my spouse, coworkers, … do

11. Lord, may I endure all things done to me

12. May my love never fail my children, my church members…


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