Sleepless in the Crecent City

It’s raining. It’s pouring. This old man is not snoring. It is 12:30 am here in New Orleans. The heavens are open wide and the rain is pounding fiercly.  I am in town for a doctoral workshop. It has been a good experience thus far. But, tonight I am wide awake with no sleep in sight. Have you ever had a sleepless night? At times, it is really a blessing. How so? For one, nothing is on television. Your best option is to cut it off. Secondly, there is peace and quiet in the still of the night. It allows you to slow down, collect your thoughts, and take it all in. Life is so busy you never have time to contemplate things. Tonight, I am finding that my soul is unwinding. I am thankful for this. I live in a constant fight or flee mentality. Very seldom do I let my guard down and relax. The next time you are sleepless, don’t count sheep. Don’t watch infomercials. Sit down and let your soul “catch up” with your frantic pace of life. Well, I am about to enjoy some hot tea and listen to the rain attack the ground. Good night – maybe!


One thought on “Sleepless in the Crecent City

  1. I am glad things went well for you in N.O. Sorry you had a sleepless night and the awful weather.
    We pray your schooling will go well for you. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

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