Worthy of Honor

Scripture tells us to honor those who are worthy of honor.  When Michael Jackson passed away people went crazy. Is he worthy of such honor? Now Ted Kennedy has passed awway. Turn on the news and his life is front and center. Yes, we are to grieve the loss for his family. But, why do we honor such a man? I am sure he did much to help those in need. But, he promoted things that were not worthy of honor. He was staunchly pro-abortion, for instance. The point of this posting is not politics. It is this – what values are we to esteem? Who should we emulate and celebrate? It is those whose lives reflect the Word of God. It is those who draw people to Christ. It is those who die leaving a mark, not for a political party, not for the music industry, but for the kingdom of God. The Lord said in 1Samuel 2:30, “For those who honor Me I will honor.” Just a thought.


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