Eating Stumps and Killing Sin

I just had a tree cut down, a massive red oak. Today, a guy came to “eat” the stump. Have you ever seen a stump being “eaten.”  He swept a powerful blade back and forth, chipping the stump to pieces. Eating the stump was costly, it left a mess, but it was well worth the end result. Instead of an ugly stump, I can utilize the ground. There is a spiritual principle in this. A few of us were able to cut down the tree. We had the manpower and equipment to do it. But, we had to call in a specialist to take out the stump, it was beyond our power. When it comes to sin, we are to cut away at it. We are to chop it down and knock it out of our lives. But, the stump remains. It is impossible for us to totally root out and demolish sin. The specialist, the Holy Spirit must come in and do His work. At times it is costly, it may leave a mess, but it is well worth the end result. What sins are you struggling with today? Do your part, but let God do His.


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