Are you a Secret Christian?

John Lennon was a Christian. At least, that is what some believe. A new documentary, along with previous biographies, claim John Lennon was a secret Christian and a closet conservative. He was apparently a fan of Pat Robertson, Oral Roberts, and Billy Graham. Not only that, he often sang songs of praise and mocked at the idea of evolution. Was he really a Christian? I do now know. Singing songs of praise and interest in preachers does not equate salvation. But, one thing I do know, there is no such thing as a secret or closet Christian. A follower of Christ will be bold to live for and proclaim the Gospel. It would be easy for you and me to criticize the life of John Lennon. But, if we were honest, we often live as secret Christians. We prefer to blend into the crowd. Dont’ be a secret Christian. Besides, there is no such thing. Live in such a way that people know you are a lover of God and Christ.


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