20 Lessons from 20 Years of Marriage

Lori and I have been married for 20 years! We celebrated this achievement on July 8. I want to share 20 Observations from 20 years of marriage:

  1. We didn’t really understand marriage until after we got married.
  2. God is the glue that has kept us together.
  3. We have enjoyed far more blessings than we have imagined.
  4. We have endured far more trials than we have imagined.
  5. Love grows deeper with time and experience.
  6. Good communication is important, but not easy.
  7. The hard times have drawn us closer to one another and to Christ.
  8. Divorce has never been a part of our vocabulary.
  9. Life is full of surprises, good and bad.
  10. Praying together is a blessing, but not easy.
  11. A good marriage is hard work.
  12. A good fight/disagreement every now and then is a healthy thing.
  13. We still go out on dates, hold hands, and are truly in love.
  14. We are blessed to be one another’s best friend.
  15. Neither one of us has spent a night on the couch because we were mad at each other.
  16. A good sense of humor makes life a lot easier.
  17. People are inspired and encouraged by healthy and long-lasting marriages.
  18. Love is more than a feeling, it is sacrificing yourself for the betterment of your spouse.
  19. It is good to know your spouse is always there for you no matter what.
  20. God was so right when He said it is not good for man to be alone!

What lessons have you learned from your marriage? What lessons do you need to pass on to your children and grandchildren? I hope and pray Lori and I enjoy 20 more years of marriage. It is truly a gift from God.


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