One Itty Bitty Thing


One itty bitty thing can cause big problems. My wife’s van was having issues recently. The battery went bad, so I bought a new battery. The new battery was dead and needed a jump the very next day. I thought, “Ok, it must be the alternator.” Not only this, the van was doing something strange, sneezing oil. Yes, it was sneezing oil. I have a witness who can testify to this! Oil, underneath the front of the car, was coming out in an odd place and in an odd way. Turns out, it was my air conditioner compressor releasing oil from built up pressure.

I’m thinking, “Great, I need to by a new alternator and compressor.” Fortunately, there are some great mechanics in my church. One, with his mechanical mind, and a little help from Google, diagnosed the problem. It had nothing to do with my alternator. It was not a result of a bad compressor either. It was all due to a $6 part. Yes, praise Jesus it was a $6 part! The relay switch to the compressor was bad. As a result, the compressor was not functioning properly, causing it to sneeze. It was also draining the battery. I replaced the relay and the issue seems to be resolved.

It is amazing how one itty bitty thing can wreak such havoc. The same is true in your life. One little itty bitty thing could be your downfall. You tell one itty bitty lie, and it only grows. You nag your spouse about one itty bitty flaw, and it ruins your marriage.You have an itty bitty anger issue, and it leads to harming others. We often fear the big things than can affect us. It is often the little things that trip us up. Don’t allow the itty bitty things, or the big things, hold you back or slow us down. There is too much at stake!



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