22 Reasons I love My Wife

Today is my 22nd Anniversary. I am so blessed.  Here are 22 reasons I love you Lori.

  1. You are always faithful.
  2. I can always trust you.
  3. You love Jesus.
  4. You love our precious three daughters.
  5. You have a great sense of humor.
  6. You appreciate my sense of humor.
  7. You are a great mom.
  8. You put up with faults.
  9. You encourage me to be a better man.
  10. You are a great cook.
  11. You support my ministry.
  12. You respect me as the leader of the home.
  13. You are my best friend.
  14. You are very forgiving of me.
  15. You are very patient with me.
  16. We have endured some hard times together, with joy.
  17. We usually never disagree on things that matter.
  18. When we do disagree, you follow my lead.
  19. You support my hobbies.
  20. You are beautiful on the outside.
  21. You are beautiful on the inside.
  22. You are always there for me.

God is good!


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