The Best and Worst of Times

My wife broke her shoulder a few days ago. She slipped and fell. It has been a whirlwind of emotions, good and bad. Really, the past month has been that way. See, my wife is not the only one who visited the Emergency Room. My two year old daughter did too. She had a viral infection that kept her in the hospital for two days. Not only that, my wife was in a minor accident. That is just a taste of the drama we have faced. I feel a bit like Job – what is going on? There is another side to this story. It has been the best of times too. I went on a mission trip to Belarus. God blessed it in a mighty way. My book was even available in Russian for the people! Not only that, my wife started a new job. Also, right before my wife’s wreck, we were able to buy her parents used suburban. Our old vehicle sold in less than two weeks!

My wife and I visited the orthopedic doctor yesterday. He believes my wife will not require surgery. The shoulder should heal on its own. What a blessing! So, in the midst of all this bad, there has been much good. Life is usually that way. The good and bad are mixed together like peanut butter and jelly. So, you may be in a tough time. Don’t give in or give up. It might be the worst of times, it could be the best of times too!


8 thoughts on “The Best and Worst of Times

  1. I enjoy all your thoughts that you post!! They are inspiring and let’s me know there is still hope in this messed up world!!! Love ya and God Bless you and your Family!!!

  2. Sorry to hear about all the trials Jason. Prayed for you early Fri am. Hope Laurie and your daughter feel better soon! So encouraged to hear of your ministry in Belarus!

    Still think of running a marathon together and including Dr. Johnny Hunt!

    Psalm 31:13-16

    Jeff Pollard

    • Thanks Jeff. I literally just finished a run and was thinking about you as I listened to nf and mineo. Miss you. Yes you me and hunt need to run!

  3. Satan has really been on the rampage these last couple of weeks. Ours hasn’t been quite as bad, but really a difficult time. Jesus is there to lead us and we are willing to follow HIM through this termoil. God Bless you Bro. Jason and praying for Lori for a speedy recovery.

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