Jesus, Joy, and Christmas


I remember the excitement Christmas once brought.  As I child I would sometimes sleep under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve, excited to awaken and open presents. I now enjoy seeing the excitement of my children. Still, I admit, Christmas all too often loses its wonder. We unwrap presents, stuff our faces with ham, potatoes, and pies. Then we go back to feeling miserable, tired, and discontent. We often lose sight of what Christmas, and life, is all about – Jesus Christ. Yes, we mention the birth of Jesus. Your home may even display a nativity scene. Yet, Jesus seems to take a backseat to all the glitz and glamour of lights, trees, and gift cards. He seems to take a backseat the other 364 days of the year as well. As we say goodbye to Christmas and 2018, put Jesus front and center. He can bring you far more joy than any video game, purse, or tasty treat.


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