Two Powerful Words – Thank You

thank you

Thank You. Two very short, yet powerful words. It only takes a second to utter, yet it can drastically change someone’s day. How do you feel when someone says, “Thank you?” You feel noticed, loved, and appreciated. How do you feel when someone, especially those you often help, never tell you “Thank You?” You feel neglected and taken advantage of. You cannot make others say “Thank You,” but you can make it a practice of your life. Say “Thank You,” for instance, when:

  • Your food is handed to you at the drive thru
  • Your waitress brings you a refill
  • Your spouse washes the dishes, even though she does it every day
  • Your husband mows the yard, even though he might enjoy it
  • Your mom cooks you a meal
  • Your child does his chores
  • Someone from church calls to check on you
  • God blesses you with another day to live

When you are thankful, not only does it encourage the other person, it encourages you. Having this attitude of gratitude helps you focus on others, not yourself. Who do you need tell “Thank You?”


4 thoughts on “Two Powerful Words – Thank You

  1. My husband and I started making thank you cards, which also direct people to our church, at the beginning of this pandemic. We take these business sized cards with us and give them to the clerks who help us when we are shopping. The very first week Ryan handed a card to a clerk who said before she received his thanks she was going to go home and drown her sorrows with gin that night…Yet, she was so uplifted she thanked Ryan and even called her manager over to show him the card as well! A little thanks goes a long way!

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