Got your Satan shoes?

Lil Nas X, a singer, designed and sold 666 Satan shoes. The shoes are red, sport a pentagram, and supposedly contain human blood in the soles. Not only that, there is a reference to Luke 10:18, which is, “And he said to them, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.” The $1,000 a pair shoes sold out immediately. People are outraged, rightly so. But, while we are outraged with the shoes, let’s not lose sight of how we allow Satan to influence us all the time. Satan doesn’t care so much about what is on your feet as what is in your mind and heart. His main objective is to get us to doubt God and His word and turn to sin, not the Savior. Do you ever watch a show that makes you doubt the truth of God’s word? Do you listen to music that glorifies murder or adultery? Do you let unresolved anger fester? You are allowing the enemy to influence you. Yes, don’t be silly and wear Satan shoes. But, don’t be naïve and expose yourself to things that affect you far more than a pair of Nike’s.


One thought on “Got your Satan shoes?

  1. Wow! I had no idea these shoes existed! Yet, more importantly I appreciate the questions you ask us, Jason. May we never doubt the truth of God’s Word nor allow the world to creep in. Thank you!

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