11 Lessons from 11 Marathons, Part 1

Exercise is not just about the physical benefits. It informs and inspires all facets of life.

I ran and completed eleven full marathons in the years 2008-2017. I hope to complete more, but whether I do or not, here are eleven life lessons I treasure.

1. Just show up.

How did I complete the marathons? Being consistent in my training. Most of life is just about showing up and being consistent.

2. Don’t let obstacles get in the way.

Some days I didn’t feel like running, or the weather was bad. I had to get up and do it anyway. Sometimes, you will not feel like going to school, work, etc. Do it anyway.

3. Small steps lead to big success.

I’d never ran 26.2 miles when I starting training for my first marathon. My longest run was probably three miles. Then my longest run became four miles, then five, etc. Success leads to more success. You cannot go somewhere you aren’t headed.

4. Some people will understand and support you.

My wife and family fully supported my running. Others did, too. “You are running a marathon. That’s amazing. Good for you. I wish I could do something like that.” When you start a business, write a book, or do something unique, some people will be your greatest cheerleaders.

5. Some people will not understand or support you.

“You are running a marathon? Why?” Someone actually asked me once, “Did you win? If you aren’t going to win, what’s the point?” Some people will not understand what you’re trying to do. They might joke about your goals and dreams. They might even discourage you from doing it. Do it anyway.

What life lessons have you learned from your endeavors?

6 more lessons to go! Part two, tomorrow!

2 Timothy 4:7, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”


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