Life’s Little Surprises

Don’t give up on me. It has been a while since my last post. Things have been crazy. For instance, last week my uncle passed away. For several days no one could contact him. Because of his health, there was some concern. The police broke into his home and found him dead. My uncle never married and never had any children. But, he was a good man. I will miss him. It is ironic that his passing occurred 10 months to the day from his brother’s death [my dad]. His death is yet another reminder that life is short. What has God called yo to do? Do it without delay. There are no guarantees. What a minute, there is one guarantee – ONE DAY YOU WILL DIE!!! Don’t live with morbid thoughts and have a closet full of black clothes. But, remember that death is a fact of life. Live with no regrets. You never know what surprise, whether good or bad, is awaiting around the corner.

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