Remember O-D-A-A-T

Lets face it, sometimes life stinks. Things do not always go your way. Maybe you are having a bad day. Maybe your family is falling apart. Maybe you are falling apart. Whatever you face, remember o-d-a-a-t. What in this world is o-d-a-a-t? Live your life: One Day At A Time (o-d-a-a-t). You don’t have to solve all your problems today. Just deal with what you can today. Tomorrow will take care of itself. When you are overwhelmed ask yourself: What can I do today? Can I make it through today? Of course you can. Whatever you face, no matter how big or small, take it o-d-a-a-t.


One thought on “Remember O-D-A-A-T

  1. I have been so busy lately, I am just getting around to reading your joyful gravitas. O-d-a-a-t is so true, but oh so hard to do. I do try though. Since my removable from facebook, maybe I will read the things that are important.

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