In the Trenches

I am a glutton for punishment. Saturday I ran a 5-mile race. It was not your ordinary run of the mill-race, it was a trail run. Instead of running on the road, I ran in the woods at the Lincoln Parish Park. The trail was hilly, dirty, full of roots, and overall a pain in the neck, actually it was a pain in the calves and thighs! I was in the trenches for sure. In spite of all these obstacles, I finished in a decent time. However, I prefer to run on the road. It is smooth and predictable. Life is not like a road, it is not smooth and predictable. Life is more like a trail run, hilly, rough, and painful. When I was running I was tempted to let up and give up, but I pressed on to reach the end. In life you are tempted to let up, give in and even give up. Press on to the end. At the finish line you will get something far better than a medal, a cold glass of water, and a handful of munchies!!!


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