Dear Tiger Woods…

Tiger, I was once a fan. When you were on the back nine at Augusta, I cheered for you. When you smashed your opponents, I was thrilled. When you made bad shots, I was encouraged with my own game. You were a source of inspiration and awe. Tiger, I am no longer a fan. You are facing something far more serious than golf. Put down the putter. Drop the driver. Cancel your tournaments. You need to repent. You need Jesus. Money will not satisfy. Chasing women will not satisfy. Winning tournaments will not satisfy. Only Jesus can fill your every need. Be a real man and bow to Jesus. He alone can heal your marriage. He alone can restore your image. In the end, the only image that matters is your position before God. Tiger, I pray for your soul. I pray your marriage will make it. But, in the mean time, I will not be an admirer of one who has such low morals and loose living. Sorry Tiger.


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