I was Mobbed in Mexico

I just got back from Mexico. Before I left people warned me, “It is unsafe. People are kidnapped, etc.” I was not kidnapped, but I was mobbed. It happened in the shopping/tourist district in Playa Del Carmen. It started out with one or two men and then several gathered around me. They did not mob me for money, my camera, or my cell phone. Get this – I was mobbed for Bibles! I was handing out Spanish New Testaments. When the men found out we had them, they wanted one for themselves. One wanted one for his daughter as well. The desire was so great we ran out of Bibles. The mission trip was amazing. The people in Mexico are so friendly and hungry for God’s word. People in Mexico yearn to be like America and come to America. This is one area we need to be more like Mexico. We need a hunger for God’s word as well. When was the last time you were mobbed for a Bible? Adio’s.


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