Air Conditioning, Houdini, and the Spirit of God

I just bought a window AC unit for my storage building. Why? So my dog Houdini could have some cool air! He is spoiled rotten. I opened the box and started to install the AC. It did not work. I tried to fix it myself. It still did not work. I was very frustrated. I drove back to Wal-Mart to exchange it. The new one worked right out of the box. The Lord taught me a valuable lesson from that experience. I wanted the AC to work more than I wanted His Spirit upon my life. Why do I say that? I was desperate for the AC to work. Am I really that desperate for the Sprit? I was frustrated and bothered that I had to go back to Wal-Mart. Am I that frustrated and bothered when the Spirit does not have His way in my life? Am I that upset when He is not free to move in worship? Think about your own life. When it gets hot you yearn for cold air and glass of ice water. When was the last time you yearned for the Spirit? Do you really want Him to fill you and totally control your life?


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