I danced with my daughter

I danced with my daughter this morning. She is almost 4 and loves being a princess. Here is the good news – I am her prince! We spend a lot of time dancing and pretending. I relish these moments. It is easy for me at times to think, “Okay, I danced with you. I need to get on to the work of the day.” Then I am reminded that life is short. One day the last thing she will want to do is dance with her dad.  Relish the moments. Life is short. It is tempting to be more concerned about your project at work or the television show you must get back to. Embrace the little blessings around you whether it is dancing with your daughter, holding your spouse’s hand, or spending quality time with a friend.


4 thoughts on “I danced with my daughter

  1. This made me want to cry!! You are the best in the world. Ainzley and I are so blessed to have you as our Prince!! We love you!!

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