Brett Favre and the Great Commission

I admit it – I like Brett Favre. He has not handled his “retirement” very well, but he has much to be admired. I like the fact that he is passionate about something and shows it. I like the fact that he never gives up or gives in. I like the fact that he is 40 and is still in the game. I am nearing 40 (5 more years), so it is encouraging to see him still playing. You and I could learn something from Brett Favre. When it comes to the Great Commission, there is no retirement. Regardless of our age or condition, we are to be going, teaching, and making disciples. We are to be just as excited and passionate about serving God as Favre is about playing ball. Don’t hang up your cleats or your calling just yet. Retirement comes when you get to Heaven. Serve God and savor every moment!


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