Gas Pump Relationships

Our relationships are often like Gas Pumps. You mean they are stinky and expensive? No. Almost all gas pumps are prepaid. You see, their automatic default is a lack of trust. They assume the worse – you are going to drive off without paying. We treat people this way sometimes. We assume the worse. Our default is judgment and mistrust, rather than grace and mercy. We assume the worst of others rather than the best. When you and I prepay, we are also being punished for the 1 or 2 idiots that actually steal gas. In relationships, we often punish our spouse, our children, or friends for what someone else did to us. Someone made you angry at work so you unleash your anger when you get home. Someone took advantage of you and you cannot trust anyone now. Do not treat people like gas pumps. Assume the best of others and do not punish them for the 1 or 2 idiots who actually use and abuse you.


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