Thoughts on the Boston Marathon

For most serious runners, running the Boston Marathon is the ultimate goal. It is the marathon par excellence. I have completed numerous marathons, but none have been Boston. Though it has been a dream/goal of mine. When I heard the tragic news of the attack it made me pause to think and consider. What if I did run Boston this year? What if that were my family or me harmed by the explosions? Some were not so fortunate. A few lost a loved one in the tragedy. For others, their lives will never be the same. Some of the runners, who love and live for running, will not be able to run again. It is a sobering reminder that earth is full of pain and sorrow and sin. Regardless of how civilized or protected our society may be, evil still lurks. The only solution is Jesus Christ. In Him, we have been freed from our sin. In Him, we have victory over sin and Satan. In Him, we have hope of eternal life. While we cannot be guaranteed safety and security here on earth, we are guaranteed eternal life. I pray the events in Boston will draw our nation closer to God. He is the hope of our nation and the world.


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