Gays, God, and Basketball

Jason Collins, an NBA player, has come out of the closet. He is the first openly gay player in major team sports. After expressing his homosexuality, the media has gone gaga. He is being lauded as a hero and likened to Jackie Robinson, who broke the color barrier in baseball. Police officers and soldiers are heroes. Men who are faithful husbands and fathers are heroes. Jason Collins is no hero. He is openly living in sexual sin. I do not fear homosexuals, but I do fear God. It doesn’t matter what Jason Collins, or culture says, God says homosexuality is a sin. It is a sexual sin just as is adultery and fornication. Christians are not to throw stones at or hate homosexuals. But, we are not to embrace or approve their sins. Would someone be applauded for being the first NBA player to rob a bank? Would the media salivate over someone being the first athlete to admit beating his wife or not paying child support? Yet, people are excited and encouraged by Jason Collins openly admitting his sinful lifestyle. We are told to be tolerant and accept everyone’s personal views, yet people will not tolerate a Christian’s choice to obey God and call sin a sin. Society is “tolerant” of everyone’s views, except those based on God and the Bible. God help us as a nation.  


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