An Unfinished Life

My house is full of unfinished projects. I have windows that need to be replaced. A few picture frames still contain photos that came with the frame. I recently spotted a family fun night kit on a book shelf. It contains recipes and games for the entire family. Lori and I bought it several years ago at a marriage conference. It still has not been opened. I am sure you have your own list of unfinished projects. We have good intentions, but never follow through on things. Maybe we don’t have time or energy. Maybe we like the idea of something rather than the reality of it. Maybe we still plan to get to it one day. The day never seems to arrive.

I think these little projects are a reminder of life. We will never complete every task we set out to. We will never fulfill every dream. We will never check every box. When we die, and are put in a box, we will leave behind a list of good intentions and a pile of unfinished tasks. That is why it is so important to do what really matters. Let’s not neglect the most important realities of life. We better not neglect our faith. We better not abandon leading our families in the ways of the Lord. We must not fail to point others to Christ. Let your unfinished projects remind you of the brevity of life and what little time you have to do what matters most.


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