My Time at Angola

I just served time at Angola Prison. I was not there as a prisoner of course, but a servant of Christ. AWANA Ministries sponsored an event called Returning Hearts. It is a day of celebration when children reunite with their fathers. It is the only time many of the prisoners see their children all year. I am not one who usually cries, but I teared up when I saw the children running full speed to give their father’s a big hug and kiss. I was reminded how blessed I am to have my own children, whom I have the freedom and privilege to see everyday. My friend and I were paired with a family of five children who were reunited with their grandfather. We served as chaperons for the children. The dynamic was weird at first. At lunch things changed. We all sat down to eat, and it felt like we were all a real family. I really had nothing in common with this family. Yet, it felt like we had a common bond. Towards the end of the day I especially bonded with one of the teenage children. She was asking me numerous questions about God. This experience reminded me of the blessing of service. Christ has called us to serve others. It is time consuming. It is not always easy. It is always a blessing. I was also reminded of the freedom we have in Christ. Many of the prisoners were free inwardly because they follow Christ. Some of them are more free than many of us who are not incarcerated. Enjoy your freedom in Christ and use it to serve others.  


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