Lebron Jesus?

I love basketball. I grew up a Lakers fan watching Magic, Kareem, and James Worthy. Then, it was Michael Jordan. Now it is LeBron James. When LeBron and the Cavaliers recently won the NBA Championships, I felt like a little kid. I had never been so excited in quite some time. Perhaps it was because the Cavaliers became the first team to come from behind a 3-1 deficit. Maybe it is because I am a LeBron fan. Perhaps I tapped into the joy and excitement I once felt playing and watching the game. I wonder, where is this excitement towards Jesus? Where is the giddiness towards God? King James is great, but he is no king. Jesus is. LeBron can deliver a title. Jesus can deliver me from my sins. LeBron can get a rebound, only Jesus can redeem me. LeBron gives temporary hope to Cleveland, Jesus gives eternal hope to the world.  You may not care about basketball. Perhaps it is money, power, or shopping on Amazon. Nothing compares to Jesus. He alone is worthy of our praise.



One thought on “Lebron Jesus?

  1. Great thought and words. We get excited about so many ‘things’ but, where is our excitement about Jesus. LORD, give me excitement and love and let it spill over and shine… For Your glory.

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