Direction, Not Perfection

Following Jesus is about direction, not perfection. None of us are perfect. That is the goal of course, but only Jesus reaches that standard. Every day we let God down and grieve His Spirit. The question is not if we fail, but rather what do we do after our failure. The issue is not if we will give in to temptation, but how we respond to giving in. We are tempted, after a failure, to be weighed down with guilt and shame. We often distance ourselves from God. Who are we to serve God? Who are we to pray and read His Word? Who are we to tell others about Jesus?

When you fall, get back up. Don’t let guilt hold you back. Don’t let your past imprison you. Following Jesus is about direction, not perfection. In other words, keep following Jesus. Stay on the straight and narrow. When you stray, and you will, get back on the path to faithfulness. We get the idea that God does not love us if we are not perfect. His love is not based on who we are or what we do. It is based on who Jesus is and what He has done on the cross. If you have fallen away, get back on track. Don’t wait until you have everything figured out. Don’t wait until you are perfect. Perfection will not take place on this side of Heaven. Aim for it yes, but even more so, make sure you are going in the right direction. Make sure your life compass is pointed towards God and His Word.


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