Good Luck

Good luck. I recently told someone this. Afterwards I clarified, “You don’t need luck, but you know what I mean.” Have you ever said this? Most of us have. Maybe you have also verbalized its kissing cousin, “Break a leg.” These terms are so ingrained into our language we give it very little thought.

Knocking on wood is another luck related practice. It is not something I do, but some of you do it. I have witnessed it firsthand. It is silly to think pounding our fist on wood will affect the course of our lives. It is also silly to think crossing our fingers will make any difference either.

Christians should not believe in luck. Life is not a bunch of random events. Our lives are not changed for the good or bad by luck. God is in control. He works everything out for His purpose. Noah was not lucky when his family survived the flood. David was not lucky when the stone hit Goliath just right. The twelve disciples were not called to Jesus out of luck. The events were all from the hand of God.

When things fall our way it is not out of luck, but rather God’s blessings. James reminds us, in James 1:17 that “every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above.” I am not a lucky person. I am a blessed person. The same is true for you as well. Let’s use our lives to bring glory and honor to God. Try to say, “May God bless you” instead of “Good luck.” Instead of knocking on wood, raise your hands to Heaven and give God praise. Instead of breaking a leg, bend the knee.


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