Hope Floats

Hope Floats is a cheesy chick flick from the 90’s. The Bible never says hope floats, but it does say we can always have hope. Losing hope has many consequences. One is sin. We sin because we get hopeless. I never thought about it much until I recently preached on 1 Peter 1:13-21. Peter tells us, in the context of being holy, to fix our hope on what is to come, the revelation of Jesus Christ.

We sin because we place our hope in all the wrong places. We get angry at our spouse because our marriage seems hopeless. We get impatient in traffic because getting somewhere on time seems hopeless. We worry about bills because our bank balance seems hopeless. We cut corners at work because a promotion seems hopeless.

There is always reason for hope. There is hope for your marriage because God is the Creator and Sustainer of your marriage. There is hope for your bills because God owns everything. There is hope for your job because God sees your hard work and determination. There is hope in traffic because, well, you have to get creative with this one!  You get the point.

Think about the sins you struggle with, the ones that cling to you. Why are you struggling with them? Is it because you are hopeless? What difference would it make if you stopped being hopeless and started fixing your hope on Jesus? Hope reminds us God is good. Hope reminds us a better day is coming. Hope reminds us all is well. Hope may not float, but it sure keeps us afloat!


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