Get off the Phone

The weather has been just perfect of late. I recently noticed several people out walking. Three ladies especially caught my eye. They were walking together side by side, but two of them were on the phone. The third lady was stuck listening to the conversations of others. They were missing out on the beauty around them. Most of all, they were missing out on the people they were with. In my mind I was thinking, “Get off the phone. Pay attention to who you are with.” Too many times we allow our phones to distract us. One day care recently noticed this too. They put a sign in the window asking parents to get off the phone before they pick up their children. They were tired of seeing little Johnny and Sally wait all day for mom and dad. When mom and dad show up they are on the phone. Johnny and Sally feel invisible and forgotten. Does someone in your life feel invisible and forgotten because of your phone? Phones are good, but some things in life are far more important. Take some time today and get off the phone. Pay attention to God’s creation. Pay attention to the people around you.


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