My Book – in Russian

My book has been translated into Russian! This is the first step to it being printed and distributed in Belarus. I was able to go on a mission trip to Belarus this past September. I spoke about depression at a conference. Soon thereafter, it became apparent the book would be a benefit to Belarus. This week marks the two year anniversary for my book. I am always surprised and blessed how God has used it for His kingdom. My book has been sold through Amazon in at least 9 countries. Some of those Amazon marketplaces may have sold one or two books mind you. Still, God is getting the word out to those who can read English. The book will soon be in the Russian language, Lord willing, for people in Belarus and area countries to read. I want to encourage you to do several things:

  1. Pray for God’s hand of blessing upon the project.
  2. Give to support the project, if you so felt led. It is not a cheap endeavor. You can click to my church’s website and give to the fund- Jason’s book project @  If you have questions as to the cost of the project you can e-mail me @ 
  3. If you have read my book, please give it a review @ The more reviews, the more likely others are to get it for themselves and be helped.

Here is a sample of my book in Russian – the “About the Author” page

Об авторе

У Джейсона Макноттена прекрасная семья. Его жену зовут Лори. У них есть две дочери. За время своего служения он был пастором в нескольких церквах: в штатах Миссури и Луизиана. В данный момент является пастором Первой Баптистской церкви в г. Нью Роудс, Луизиана.

Джейсон получил степень магистра богословия в Баптистской богословской семинарии Мидвэстерн, и позже степень доктора служения в семинарии Нового Орлеана.

Пастор Джейсон серьезно увлекается бегом. Не раз он участвовал в различных забегах и марафонах.


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