Marshmallow Face


I went to Wal-Mart with marshmallow on my face. I had a spoonful of marshmallow crème recently, and a small piece invaded my beard. I didn’t realize it until I got home from shopping! I laughed as I thought, “O goodness, I was walking around the store and everyone saw it.” I am sure you have never had marshmallow in your beard, but you have had stains on your shirt. You bite into a hamburger and ketchup or mustard lands on you. Someone might say, “You have something on your shirt.” Otherwise, you go the rest of the day unaware. The same thing happens spiritually. We walk around with stains on our character and never realize it. For example:

  • We are arrogant
  • We lose our temper
  • We habitually interrupt conversations
  • We come across as bossy

We do this and are often unaware of it, even though everyone else sees it. Do you know someone like that? They have a flaw in their character and everyone knows it but them? Honestly, we probably all have flaws everyone detects but us. We all have marshmallow in our beards. We need a better sense of self-awareness, understanding who we really are and how we really act. Pray for wisdom and ask God to increase your self-awareness.



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